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First Time Buyer FAQ

"I have a 19 year old daughter that needs to finance a car. She has no financial commitments, she has no credit established. Can you help?"
First-time buyers with no established credit history can be approved for special financing. It will help your approval chances if you can provide a down payment, prove you have a steady job and income, or get a cosigner.
"If I'm a first time buyer, with no credit would I be able to buy the vehicle of my choice? And If I did get the loan would I be able to walk into any dealership I wanted and use the loan?"

Smart Car Loan is not a lender. We are connected to a network of dealerships that specialize in helping people with lower credit scores. Our dealers are connected to lenders with numerous first-time buyer programs as well. When you apply with us, we connect you to one of these dealerships in your area that stands to help you out.

You would be able to select your vehicle, but you won't have a blank check to purchase any car you desire. If you are approved, the lender will stipulate a maximum loan amount and monthly payment. Once those are set, you would be able to select from the qualifying vehicles in that dealership's inventory.


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