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"I have a car I am interested in purchasing at a local dealership. The purchase amount is $6300.00, 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo."
If you have bad credit, you would likely not qualify for the vehicle you mention. Most subprime lenders are only willing to finance cars that are 10 years old or newer and that have less than 100,000 miles on the odometer.
"How do I know if you have the vehicle I want and can get approved for? I hate to add more inquires to my credit."

The subprime purchasing process is unlike the traditional car buying process. Instead of beginning by selecting the car you want to purchase, you first see if the dealership has the lending connections that can get you financed.

The majority of dealerships can't accommodate people dealing with problem credit. This means that, even if a dealership has a vehicle you are interested in, there is no guarantee that they can work with you.

Instead of trying to hop from vehicle to vehicle in hopes that a dealership can help you out, you can save time by getting connected to the right dealership from the jump. Once you're connected with a special finance dealer, they will work to get you approved with their lending connections. Then, you can select a vehicle from their qualifying inventory based on their lender's guidelines.

"How do you search your inventory for pre-owned vehicles? There is no way to search any thing unless you want a loan. I was looking for a certain kind of vehicle but I guess I will look elsewhere."
You don't see any inventory listings on our website because we are not a dealership. We are a service that helps people with credit problems get connected to a dealership in their area that stands to get them approved. Once you apply with us, you'll have taken the first step toward getting approved for auto financing with bad credit.

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