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"Hello, I have found the vehicle that I wish to purchase, but am having trouble securing an auto loan if not purchasing from a franchise dealership. The dealer that I wish to buy from is licensed, but it is a private dealership. Can you help?"
We are not an auto loan provider. Our service matches credit-challenged consumers with a dealership in their area that specializes in bad credit car loans. In this scenario, you would be limited to the lenders available to that independent dealership that you mentioned.
"A dealer called me to say that I could be financed there. Are my choices limited to one dealer? I have a bankruptcy discharged in May and want to reestablish credit but do not want more inquiries on report."
When you apply with us, you are matched with the dealership in your area that believes they can get you financed. They accepted your application with us because they are confident they will be able to assist you. This is because their special financing department is connected to lenders with programs specifically designed to assist consumers in unique credit situations.
"I would like to apply for a loan for a purchase at a local non-franchised dealer. Will this be a problem?"
It might be. Only certain dealerships are capable of accommodating people dealing with credit issues. There is no way of knowing unless you head to that local non-franchised dealer and ask. At Smart Car Loan, we have compiled one of the nation's largest network of bad credit car dealerships. When you apply with us, we connect you to the one in your area that believes they can get you financed.
"I have a question regarding a local dealer. I have a car picked out but I'm not sure how your loan process works. If I get approved do I have to use a specific dealer or can I go to the one I already am interested in?"
We work with a network of dealerships that specialize in subprime auto financing. When you apply with us, we connect you with the dealership in your area that believes they can get you approved. If you are trying to use a local dealer, it is possible that they are unable to assist customers with bad credit. Applying with us takes the hassle out of locating a dealership that can help.

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